Orkli wins the AUNA Award for the most innovative product of 2020

For the second year running, Orkli has managed to place a product among the winners of the Auna Awards.
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Nov 09, 2020

Last year the Most Sustainable Product 2019 award was won by OKSOL, and this year PKOM⁴ has achieved the consensus of the sector as the most innovative product of the year.

At Orkli we have long been committed to Sustainability and Home Energy Efficiency, incorporating PKOM⁴, together with OKSOL and Ventilation with Heat Recovery, among other systems, into the Ecosystem with which Orkli leads the way in sustainable energy efficiency and home comfort solutions.

PKOM⁴ is undoubtedly a unique equipment. Not only because it offers 4 solutions in 1 (ventilation, heating, cooling and DHW production) allowing significant space savings, but also because it offers three independent heating systems

It is a PHI certified equipment and therefore an optimal solution for housing projects with Passivhaus and nZEB standard.

Components for central heating, domestic hot water, water heating and domestic appliances.