Orkli joins Biotz with an 11.11% stake

This agreement reinforces Orkli's strategic objective of advancing in its own IoT ecosystem and derived services, which will be key aspects in the future of Confort&Salud and Giordano Controls.
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Biotz team at the IoT World Congress.
Jun 27, 2024

Last May, Orkli closed the agreement to enter the company Biotz S.L., a company from Oñati (10 people), specialized in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) and software solutions. With this transaction, Orkli acquires an 11.11% stake in Biotz, where it will have a seat on the Board of Directors.

One step closer to an IoT ecosystem

The entry into Biotz is part of Orkli's strategic objective of advancing in its own IoT ecosystem, which will be key to the future of the Comfort & Health and Giordano Controls business areas, among others. IoT makes it possible to connect devices, processes and data across the network, generating added value for customers and improving the efficiency and sustainability of operations.

Biotz has extensive experience and a multidisciplinary team of engineers and software developers, offering agile development solutions and an IoT SaaS platform.

An alliance for the future

Orkli has been collaborating with Biotz (formerly under the name Magnet) for a few years now: the current Ekanban platform is developed by them, as well as Oksol-Smart.

With this alliance, Orkli reinforces its commitment to innovation and digital transformation, and is positioned to be a benchmark in the IoT solutions market. In addition, Orkli and Biotz share a common vision of creating products and services that improve people's quality of life and care for the environment.

Orkli reinforces its commitment to innovation and digital transformation.

From Orkli they want to congratulate the entire Biotz team for their "excellent work and entrepreneurial spirit", and they welcome them to their family: "We are convinced that together we will be able to face the challenges of the future and offer innovative and quality solutions to our customers", declared from Orkli.


This new investment operation in Biotz is framed in the context of the corporate strategy to activate entrepreneurship capabilities and the development of new business activities among our cooperatives, with a commitment to young companies with the capacity for growth. MONDRAGON has been investing for five years in around twenty recently established companies, involving the cooperatives in their capital, and supporting when considered necessary with Corporate Risk Capital Funds to compensate for the assumption of risks in the initial phases.

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