New metro in Shanghai, designed by LKS DIARADESIGN

The first of the 35 units of the new Shanghai Metro, covering lines 3 and 4, are testing. The design was made by LKS DIARADESIGN, as a part of a project for the manufacturer CNR, and whose result is this new model characterized by a dominant formal line of the exterior design, which runs smoothly across the front, wrapping it as the Yangtze River does when passing through Shanghai.
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Feb 24, 2015

The river symbolizes the duality of tradition and modernity converging through centuries as a channel of communication with its projection of modernity and progress, reflected by the futuristic architecture of the city. Regarding sustainability, the new model is 20 per cent lighter than the current, significantly improving its energy efficiency.

LKS DIARADESING adds this reality to a constantly growing catalog of relevant references, with a consolidated position as an internationally renowned team in the field of Transport Design.

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