New Fagor Electrónica corporate video

Jun 04, 2013

" Fagor Electrónica’s products are all around you. Each time you switch on a light, drive your car, use your washing machine or watch TV, you can be sure that Fagor Electrónica has helped make it possible. Because we have been manufacturing and marketing electronic components since 1966, and without electronics, today’s world simply wouldn’t work.” With this brief introduction starts the new Fagor´s corporate video.

Fagor Electrónica

The new Fagor´s Corporate video, which describes attractively the 4 business units: Semiconductors, Signal Processing, Electronic Manufacturing Services and Fleet Management, and where you can see real images of the production plant, laboratories, clean room and other facilities. A dynamic visual that we encourage you to visit.

Fagor Electrónica

Tuesday 27 Min: 8
Max: 17
Wednesday 28 Min: 9
Max: 17
Thursday 29 Min: 7
Max: 21

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