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Fagor Electrónica delivers its 100th flight equipment to Airbus

Nov 07, 2019

Three years ago Fagor Electrónica began to supply the first electronic power equipment for the aeronautical giant. These first units of inverters have already become 100.

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Fagor Electrónica presents the New Business website

Jan 31, 2017

Fagor Electrónica launches a new section on its website dedicated to the activity of New Business, for the development of innovative solutions oriented to manufacturing, with projects in different sectors such as automotive, aeronautics and energy.

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Fagor Electrónica Thailand gets the ISO 14001 certification

Nov 10, 2014

Fagor Electronica has this certification as part of their Integrated Management systems, which also includes the Management Quality System according to the ISO 9001 standard, and the Management System for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards according to UNE 81900 standard.

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Visit from the Ecuadorian Competition Minister

Oct 14, 2014

The visit took place under the Ecuadorian government's “Efficient cooking” programme which aims to replace 3.5 million gas cookers with induction cookers. The minister visited the MONDRAGON, IK4-Ikerlan, Copreci and Fagor Electrónica cooperative centre.

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New Fagor Electrónica corporate video

Jun 04, 2013

" Fagor Electrónica’s products are all around you. Each time you switch on a light, drive your car, use your washing machine or watch TV, you can be sure that Fagor Electrónica has helped make it possible. Because we have been manufacturing and marketing electronic components since 1966, and without electronics, today’s world simply wouldn’t work.” With this brief introduction starts the new Fagor´s corporate video.

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