Fagor Electrónica presents the New Business website

Fagor Electrónica launches a new section on its website dedicated to the activity of New Business, for the development of innovative solutions oriented to manufacturing, with projects in different sectors such as automotive, aeronautics and energy.
Jan 31, 2017

In the automotive sector, the Venus Fagor project stands out, with the development of a new power train based on a magnet-free variable reluctance motor for operation in electric vehicles, which meets the efficiency and power density requirements and a high-performance inverter, the lightest, smallest and with the highest power density on the market.

New power train based on a magnet-free variable reluctance motor for operation in electric vehicles

Also the 150 kW Power Train project for electric or hybrid train traction, with the highest power density on the market or the Pecal project for a new smart compact disc brake system development, as well as a state-of- the-art pedal sensor.

All this developments are supported by the ISO-TS 16949 certification and approval of major car manufacturers, TIER-1 and TIER-2. In the aeronautics sector, several projects are carried out to develop high power AC / DC converters (75KW), for powering the electrical systems of aircrafts, variable frequency generators, or IPEA inverters from 350 to 15000 VA, all backed by the EN 9100 and EN 9110 certifications obtained recently by the Basque cooperative.

Already in the energy field, projects like DEWI, which are looking for key solutions for wireless connectivity and wireless interoperability or the Arrowhead project for the development of a reliable embedded wireless infrastructure, mark the lines of work for this activity.

Semiconductors and systems for reception digital and analogue TV