Giuseppe Guerini, president of the associated work cooperatives of Europe visits MONDRAGON

The meeting was held in Otalora.
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Giuseppe Guerini and Iñigo Albizuri, the last monday, in Otalora (Aretxabaleta).
Dec 11, 2019

On Monday, december 9, MONDRAGON was visited by Giuseppe Guerini, president of the associated work cooperatives in Europe. The meeting with the Director of Institutional Relations of the Corporation, Iñigo Albizuri, took place in Otalora.

Agenda for next week

Next week MONDRAGON will be visited by a representation of CICOPA (International Organization of Cooperatives in Industry and Services) that promotes work cooperatives, social cooperatives and production cooperatives in industry and services.

CICOPA has a network of 46 cooperative federations in countries and regions, and has support organizations that promote cooperatives in 30 countries.

In addition, they will also visit MONDRAGON next week: María Jesús San José, minister of Labor of the Basque Government; Konfekoop members; and representatives of COCETA, the Spanish Confederation of Associated Labor Cooperatives.

COCETA is the representative organization of the cooperative labor companies of the Spanish State, established in 1986.

MONDRAGON Corporation.