Eika presents its new corporate video "It's future, It's Eika"

This new corporate video pretends to transmit the values of the cooperative, its international vocation, its productive presence in 4 countries and its sales in the five continents to the main appliance manufacturers around the world.
Oct 16, 2018

Eika is reliability, creativity, teamwork, design, commitment, technology, innovation ... Eika is Irati, Andoni, Manu, Imanol, Eva, Nagore ... in short, Eika is future.

These are the messages that are included both in the video and in the new corporate website, which also communicates the same idea  www.eika.es

Thus, they have achieved  their current milestone, in which four out of ten radiant heaters in the world are manufactured by EIKA. More than 1,000 workers distributed across their production plants in Spain, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Poland, that produce over 25 million components for electric hobs and ovens.


Resistances and electric hobs for the cooking sector.