W.C. Bradley CEO visits MONDRAGON Corporation

Mark Olivié, CEO of the US company W.C. Bradley, has visited the Corporation. W.C. Bradley operates a number of different businesses, and one of them, Char Broil, a leading manufacturer of gas grills, has been a preferential client of Copreci’s for over 25 years.This important visit took place as part of Copreci’s 50th anniversary celebrations. W.C. Bradley and Char Broil are companies with historic ties to Copreci, as the Aretxabaleta-based firm has been manufacturing valves for their gas grills for more than 25 years. Indeed, they started manufacturing the valves in Aretxabaleta; later Copreci opened a plant in Mexico where they continued to manufacture valves for this leading company in the gas grill market; and when the US company expanded into China, Copreci was right behind them.
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Sep 23, 2013

Mark Olivié, W.C. Bradley CEO, really appreciates the trust built up between the two companies over the years and is committed to establishing supplier loyalty in order to embark on joint projects in the future.


Your relationship with Copreci has lasted a long time…
That’s right. We’ve been working together for more than 25 years. They were by our side when we manufactured Char Broil in the USA. And then, 8 years ago, they came to China with us. It’s a relationship based on knowing each other well which is very important.

So at Char Broil, and by extension at W.C. Bradley, you believe in loyalty and ‘old’ travelling companions…

Yes. We prefer to have close relationships with our suppliers, we think it’s a very good thing in the short-, medium- and long-term. In this way, we build up trust and can plan long-term projects. The way we work is not to be constantly changing suppliers.

This is the first time that you’ve visited Copreci, isn’t it?
Yes. I really love the scenery. And the fact that you can see the mountains from inside the factory. I’ve also been very impressed with how involved Copreci is with the local community: with the people, with other companies…

As well as Copreci, you’ve visited MONDRAGON’s Headquarters. Did you know anything about the Corporation and how it operates beforehand?
Before coming here, I knew that Copreci was part of a bigger group, but I didn’t really understand the type of relationship between the companies in the group. MONDRAGON’s business model is not very common, I’d go as far as to say it’s unique in the world. And, indeed, it seems to be working very well for MONDRAGON, for Copreci and for everyone living in this region.

2013 is a very special year for Copreci. Would you like to congratulate its workers?
Of course. To keep going for 50 years is a great achievement. I’d like to carry on working with Copreci for another 50 years. Let’s hope we do!  

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