The Kingdom of Bahrain's Health Minister welcomes Smart Health Services (Mondragon Health)

SHS aims to extend its international presence with commercial activities in both South America and the Persian Gulf, where it sees real business opportunities.
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From left to right, Khaled Ali Al Jalahma (Health Information Systems Manger), Eva Gerrikagoitia (SHS), Alex Saiz (Kudea), Hadi Al Alawi (Alhayat Group) and Sadiq Abdulkarim Al Shehabi (Kingdom of Bahrain Health Minister)
Nov 19, 2014

The Bahraini Health Minister, Mr. Sadiq Abdulkarim Al Shehabi, welcomed a delegation from SHS, part of the Mondragon Health platform, on 30 October 2014.

The visit to Bahrain is part of the company's strategy to extend its international business. The minister took an interest in SHS's purchasing organisation and health logistics systems.
Business opportunities
Its manager, Eva Gerrikagoitia, indicated that having established a presence in Spain, it is currently focussed on South America and the Persian Gulf, where it has detected real business opportunities.  "Opportunities which, given the nature of our products, require a period of maturation over the medium and long term”. "Which is why we need to sow the seeds as soon as possible, and then water them and periodically encourage their growth, and maintain our focus" she highlights.
She is optimistic about the possibilities offered by these geographic regions, due to their current dynamism. "They are immersed in a process of rapid growth, too rapid in some cases". Adding that "our products and services help them organise their purchasing and logistics processes correctly and effectively, ensuring the most efficient health systems, with managed and orderly growth".
Regarding their reception in the two regions, Eva indicates that the Bahraini health authorities were particularly interested in their products. "Its a very interesting country that’s in full bloom, and wishes to attract projects that diversify its economy". The SHS Manager goes on to indicate that she sees business opportunities in different areas for the Corporation, given the strength of the region and Bahrain in particular. "They were interested not just in SHS and health, but also other sectors where MONDRAGON could have a presence."
On future visits Eva intends to intensify this drive, and attempt to lay the foundations for a more stable presence in the region in the coming months. "Bahrain would be the ideal location, as its characteristics make it a model for surrounding countries. What works in Bahrain, opens doors throughout the region".
About SHS. Formed by Eroski, Ulma Handling System, LKS, Mondragon Health and Kudea, SHS employs the synergies created by its businesses to generate products in the health purchasing and logistics sectors, for both the public and private sectors.