Telematic implementation for cognitive assessment

In this project we propose the design and development of a ground-breaking tele-rehabilitation system that promotes the patient’s active simulation in order to slow or stabilise his/her cognitive decline level, in agreement with a personalized and specific plan according to their degree of affection.
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Oct 07, 2013


It is presented an application designed for the assessment and intervention in elderly people suffering from cognitive impairment. The patients are classified depending on the results of a neuropsychological examination. Taking into account each of the 14 cognitive functions assessed, a cognitive stimulation and intervention plan is determined in order to minimize the detected deficits.

This product has been presented at two scientific FOTOS. The first one, the ‘XII Congreso Zahartzaroa’, (Vitoria-Gasteiz, May 2013): “Aplicación para la valoración cognitiva, diagnóstico e intervención personalizada en deterioro cognitivo y demencias”. And, the second one, the 9th Congress of the EUGMS (2th-4th October, Venice 2013): “Telematic implementation for cognitive assesment, diagnosis and customised intervention in cognitive impairment and dementia”.