Recordamur vos

Choirs Aretxabaleta Abesbatza, Goikobalu and Iubilo Bilbao Abesbatza release a song in memory of the victims of the pandemic.
Apr 23, 2020

Three choral groups who previously participated in the music and dance project MONDRAGON Humanity at Music-Sinfonia Kooperatiboa, have now completed a new project in memory of the victims of Covid-19. This is a requiem for all the people who have died from the coronavirus, especially the elderly, and for their families, who have not even been able to say goodbye to them due to the circumstances surrounding the state of alarm. This piece is intended as a farewell, an acknowledgement of the sacrifices they made for their loved ones throughout their lives, and a heartfelt tribute, as a way to share in the pain of loss with their families.

The recording of the video involved choristers from Aretxabaleta Abesbatza, Goikobalu and Iubilo Bilbao Abesbatzanearly 100 people in all, who recorded Recordamur Vos from their own homes. Later, all the voices and images were brought together and finally transformed into this audiovisual requiem.

The project was extremely fortunate to have the collaboration of dantzari Jon Maya of  the Kukai Dantza Taldea dance troupe, pianist Maite Olmos, sound engineer Ernesto Maestro, and producer Arteman. Also, we would like to thank the coordinators of the three choirs involved in the project, Mariatxen Urkia, Iñaki Maidagan and Igone Arteagabeitia, for their work. The lyrics are by Jon Sarasua, and the conductor of the work is composer Fernando Velázquez from Getxo.

In the end, this has been a massive cooperative project among various cultural institutions and artists with the purpose of remembering and paying a last tribute to the victims of the pandemic, in a strong spirit of solidarity and companionship.

MONDRAGON Corporation.