ORONA ends 2012 with sales of 569.1 million Euros and a strong commitment to internationalisation with the acquisition of Grupo AMG Elevadores in Brazil

ORONA ended the 2012 period with profits of 83.4 million Euros, and sales of 569.1 million Euros, up 2.3% on the previous year. Fiscal year end reporting is also announced that Orona has purchased AMG Elevadores, the 4th largest corporate group in the Brazilian lift sector, constituting a very important step towards meeting one of its strategic internationalisation objectives.
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May 03, 2013

ORONA today presented its results for the 2012 period at its General Meeting, reporting positive results. Profits for 2012 totalled 83.4 million Euros, sales 569.1 million Euros, 2.3% up on the previous year.

ORONA has maintained its commitment to innovation and expansion as strategic objectives, despite the financial crisis. The most significant example of its strong commitment to internationalisation and geographical diversification is the acquisition of corporate group AMG Elevadores, the 4th largest in the Brazilian lift sector. This is Orona’s first purchase outside Europe, where, together with AMG Elevadores, it expects to achieve a turnover of 100 million Euros in coming years, consolidating its position amongst the global top 10.

3 reference companies

ORONA also acquired 3 reference companies in the period, 2 in France and 1 in Norway, reinforcing its leading position in the sector and its presence in the international market. Last year ORONA invested 60 million Euros, nearly 2% of sales in innovation, becoming one of the companies that spends most on Research and Development on the European sage.

The company also reinforces, year by year, its commitment to sustainable job creation and ended the period with 4,090 professionals, now 4,500 if you include the workforce at AMG. Further proof of its commitment to talent is the generation of 500 highly qualified jobs for the Orona IDeO-innovation city innovation project, which is scheduled for inauguration at the beginning of 2014, coinciding with Orona’s 50th Anniversary.

Despite the financial crisis continuing to lash the country, and in particular our sector, ORONA was able to end the 2012 period with very positive results”, indicates ORONA General Manager, Javier Mutuberria, “…innovation, internationalisation, export activity and service have been key to Orona’s success. And looking to the future, based on a foundation of humility and shared effort, we want to continue with further innovation, crossbreeding, complexity, risk taking and greater scale, in the face of the challenging and also exiting panorama ahead. We have been committed to consolidating our presence on the international stage for some time, sometimes taking risks and doubling our efforts to overcome adversities, as an irrefutable alternative for counteracting the difficulties we face nationally.

Our strong commitment to innovation makes us the lift company that invests most in innovation, spending around 2% of sales. The search to strengthen innovation is embodied by the Orona IDeO-innovation city project, a reference innovation ecosystem in Europe combining business, education and research.

Orona’s greatest asset is its people, and it seeks to integrate professionals who are fully involved in the organisation’s development. “We have opted for a young and dynamic team, reinforcing year after year our commitment to stable, high qualification job creation. Our goal is to contribute towards the creation of a better future, and therefore we now employ over 4,500 professionals, including the 417 new workers from Brazil”, remarks Javier Mutuberria.


ORONA is a business group formed by over 30 companies in Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Luxembourg and now also in Brazil.

Orona’s activity is focussed on the design, manufacture, sale, installation, maintenance and modernisation of mobility solutions, such as lifts, escalators, ramps, and walkways. All of which are key to providing integral service and providing coverage of every sector, from residential to commercial, through health and social services, heritage, heavy loads, etc.

-      Sales: 569.1 million Euros.

-      Investment: 60 million Euros.

-      Results: ORONA ends 2012 with profits of 83.4 million Euros.

-      Workforce: ORONA remains committed to talent and employment generation and ends 2012 with 4,090 quality jobs. Now 4,500.

-      International presence: 1 out of every 10 new lifts in Europe is made by Orona. 99 countries install ORONA products.

-      In the 2012 period it acquired 3 new companies: 2 in France and 1 in Norway. And at the beginning of 2013, ORONA acquired AMG Elevadores, 4th largest corporate group in the Brazilian lift sector.

-      Innovation: ORONA invests approximately 2% of sales in innovation. A clear example of such investment is the Orona IDeO-innovation city project.

-      No. 1 in complete lift production capacity in Europe.

-      1st lift sector company in the world certified in Eco-design – according to ISO 14006.

For further information please contact: press@orona-group.com