Orbea demonstrates continued growth, adding 170 new jobs in 2021

The basque cooperative shared its previous year's results at its annual assembly, held on mayo 7 in Ermua (Spain).
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May 09, 2022

Orbea  held its Annual Assembly on May 7, where it confirmed their continual employment growth with a workforce that is nearing 1,000 people, 90% of which correspond to European-held jobs.

In 2021, the cooperative expanded its structure by adding 170 new jobs to its group and accelerated its trend of attracting international talent.

Orbea continues advancing its strategy, which it established in the middle of the last decade, and has since led to transformational change within its systems, processes and facilities. Its cooperative business structure has also allowed the company to be more flexible and adaptable to new, ever-changing global scenarios. As a result of these combined factors, Orbea has seen a record-breaking amount of growth for six consecutive years, reaching a sales volume of €282 million, 81% of which corresponds to export markets.
The net result after taxes amounts to €40.7 million, which represents an important strengthening of its equity. This will allow the company to effectively accomplish all its projects in the pipeline and continue to have a leading position in the market. This includes ongoing investment in the expansion of manufacturing and logistics capacities, the development of technical, cutting-edge solutions, and growing the skillset of its workforce.

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It should also be noted that 20% of the results were dedicated to the different charitable and social action funds that the cooperative supports. Despite the innumerable supply chain challenges, the company is optimistic about continuing on its growth path, which would allow it to reach a consolidated sales volume of around €350 million in 2022.

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