LKS Next reinforces its strategic collaboration with Ikerlan to jointly develop digital technology solutions

LKS Next, in its ongoing quest to remain at the forefront of technology, has partnered with the Ikerlan cooperative, thus reinforcing the close collaboration that dates back to 2018.
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Jul 04, 2024

LKS Next joins Ikerlan as a user partner of the technology centre with the aim of strengthening the relationship at a corporate and market level with a view to continuing to make progress in the joint development of technological solutions, especially focused on digitisation and industrial cybersecurity technologies.

Elena Zárraga, CEO of LKS Next and Adolfo Plaza, Chairman of Ikerlan, signed the partnership agreement at a meeting held on 3 July at the technology centre's facilities in Arrasate-Mondragón.

This agreement consolidates the alliance that LKS Next and Ikerlan have enjoyed for years, to offer the industry comprehensive digital services based on a wide range of technologically advanced solutions (patents and registrations) developed jointly. This is also the backdrop for the Lamassu IoT project, developed for managing the digital identity of connected devices in a cyber-secure manner.  This is the context of the numerous collaborations that both entities have maintained at market level with companies such as Telefónica.

The signature symbolises a clear example of business inter-cooperation that allows the transfer of knowledge from the technology centre to the industrial field. Ikerlan president Adolfo Plaza said "I am very proud to strengthen our relationship with LKS Next. We have been fellow travel companions for years and we know that this step forward will allow us to multiply the capacities of both entities and, consequently, the competitiveness of the industry in our territory".

Speaking for LKS, Elena Zárraga highlighted that "This new step will also allow us to promote technological collaboration in strategic areas in which LKS Next is making significant commitments such as cybersecurity, data governance and exchange and Artificial Intelligence, as well as to develop a strategy to open up new markets and sectors locally and internationally".

By becoming a user partner of Ikerlan, LKS Next joins the twenty or so leading companies in their respective sectors that are already partners of the technology centre and that benefit from the centre's capacity to capture and generate knowledge, train specialised personnel and, above all, its leadership in the transfer of technological solutions to the market in areas such as transport and mobility, energy and advanced manufacturing.

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