Next Saturday, Fagor Ederlan will be holding a day of open doors with the confirmed participation of more than 1,500 people

Saturday, September 14, is expected to be a festive and commemorative day in Fagor Ederlan. The cooperative founded in 1963 has organized a day of open doors with the goal of teaching families about the working environment and share with them its great day. Events will begin at nine in the morning with different guided tours along the production and innovation plants of the cooperative in Alto Deba.
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Sep 12, 2013

The open day will begin at 9 a.m. with the opening of the visits to the production plants of Markulete and Uribarri, in Arrasate, and the plants located in Aretxabaleta and Eskoiatza. In addition, the family will be able to get to know the Innovation Centre of Edertek, in Polo Garaia.

For all the visits to pass by as planned, Fagor Ederlan has prepared several guides, all of them worker-members of the cooperative, to accompany the family through the hallways and corridors of the production plants. Each visit will last approximately 30-45 minutes.


Share the day with the family

The main objective of the open day is, in addition to celebrate and share with all the 50 anniversary, to teach the partner's family members and friends about the workspace with a spirit of recognition and celebration, which this year is very present in all members of Ederlan.

To do this, and after the guided tours, the main act will be held at approximately 12 noon at the main precincts of Ederlan in Eskoriatza. There will be food, drink, games for children, storytelling, photocall, karaoke, music, street fair and collection of donations for two associations: Zu Behar zaitut, association of the Alto Deba dedicated to, among other activities, improve the quality of life of children with brain disabilities through alternative therapies; and ASPANOGI, association of parents of oncological children of Gipuzkoa. The day will be crowded, since 1,587 people in all have already confirmed their presence, of whom 1,436 will participate in the main act.