Mondragon Assembly is to develop a 100 MW PV module assembly line in Romania

KARPAT SOLAR, the Romanian company, has signed an agreement with Mondragon Assembly to supply a production line for photovoltaic solar modules with a capacity of 100 MWp per year.
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Mar 17, 2021

KARPAT SOLAR has its facilities in the historical region of Transylvania, in the heart of Romania and has ambitions to become the first module manufacturer in Romania. These 100 MW modules are the first phase of a large-scale project that will initially manufacture for the local market but is targeting the European Union.

Csomor Karoly, CEO of KARPAT SOLAR: “we hope to have our facilities in full production before summer, which will allow us to tackle the Romanian market in autumn 2021, in this first phase. Currently, the use of renewable energy is growing exponentially in our country and we at KARPAT SOLAR intend to make our small contribution in this regard. We will locally manufacture high-efficiency modules under the strictest quality parameters”.


Igor Herrarte, International sales manager at Mondragon Assembly: “this project shows that the European trend to promote alternative energies is a fact. In 2021 we will see how several module manufacturing projects materialise in Europe. They will be projects of a different nature, both in size and in manufactured product. We also expect technological diversification. In addition to the standard modules, we will see companies launching modules for HJT, BIPV and other niche products suited to European demand, where Mondragon Assembly has the solution all those new technologies”.

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