MATRICI achieves the highest order of history

In collaboration with Batz, MB Tooling and Dover, Matrici is awarded a turn-key project for Volvo Group.
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Feb 22, 2017

The Matrici cooperative, integrated in the Tooling and Systems Division of the MONDRAGON Corporation and dedicated to the development of solutions for the manufacture of stamping external parts of the automotive sector, has achieved a new milestone in its history. Recently it has been awarded an order to supply the necessary equipment for the manufacture of all the exterior-interior pieces for a huge Volvo Group project.

It is an intercooperation project in which the customer has valued the technological level, the availability of resources of the pool of companies and their capacity of response and service.

This project will benefit the chain of suppliers of the group of companies involved in the project, and will also involve the hiring of 40 new direct jobs at the Matrici plant in Zamudio (Bizkaia).

The order, made in collaboration with Batz, MB Tooling and Dover, will involve more than 1200 people all incorporating the latest technology in the sector. The scope of the project is complete starting with Process engineering until commissioning in customer plant. It is, due to its size and quality requirements, the most important order made by the Vizcaya cooperative in its more than 50 years of history. In addition, another aspect to consider is that this project has been a very demanding challenge of the technical department and has finally been successfully resolved despite competing with top-level international firms and extensive experience.

Intercooperation project

One of the hallmarks of the project is its collaborative side. And the joint offer of the pool of companies led by Matrici, which includes two other cooperatives of the Group, such as Batz and MB Tooling, and the company Dover, has made it possible to join forces and join forces to present a project of one Very high competitive level.

In total, this group of companies offers a series of capabilities unprecedented in its sector that allow it to compete without complex in the international scope: a human team integrated by more than 1200 professionals of the sector, 50 milling machines, 60 presses of different capacities, And more than 3 million hours of work capacity at the service of the project. And all this with the advantage of being a team of companies located in a small geographic space, with displacements not exceeding 60 minutes from the headquarters of Matrici, in Zamudio (BIzkaia).

In short, an intercooperation exercise in practice that brings together the know-how of the leading companies in the sector, which puts in value the capabilities of the whole and that Volvo Group has recognized with the award of the project.

About Matrici,. Founded in 1964, it is dedicated to the development of solutions for the manufacture of external parts of the automotive sector. Its figures, including subsidiaries, are around 600 people employed and last year reached a turnover of more than 85 million euros.

Developing world class product-process of all kinds of BIW-panels (body in white) in the automotive sector.