Goimek extends its machining capacity with a cutting edge Soraluce multitasking machine

The investment is part of the strategic commitment of the company focused on offering advanced machining processes for strategic parts for demanding sectors, involving the design of custom solutions adapted to the needs of each client.
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Oct 10, 2016

, part of the Danobatgroup and specialised in precision machining and large machining further widens its production capacity with the purchase of a cutting edge Soraluce FP-16000 multi-function machining center.

Thanks to this new purchase, the cooperative not only increases its current production capacities, but also enhances its quality service for high-precision parts. Furthermore, the investment will expand the existing range of capacities: apart from grinding and milling now also turning is offered, a new technology not included so far in the extensive machine park of the company.

The new machine will enable GOIMEK to achieve the highest standards in bulky and technically complex part machining and machining of a variety of shapes and sizes of large parts for demanding sectors.

The Soraluce FP-16000 model is a machine of great capacities both when it comes to workpiece size and type of operations to be performed. The machine features a longitudinal travel of 16000 mm, vertical travel of 3600 mm and cross  travel of 1500 mm, two work stations with two tables designed and manufactured by Soraluce with a rotary moving table for milling operations and a rotary moving table for turning operations.

This multitasking machine make it possible to perform different machining processes efficiently and accurately, including turning, milling, boring, drilling and threading on one single machine for multiple components of different sizes and shapes. This is made possible by the new Soraluce H100 milling and turning head, a 5-axis continuous head designed for machining complex surfaces and performing high-precision interpolations and indexing of articulations at high speed. With a power of 46 kW, torque of 1530 Nm on S1 and 7000 rpm, the Soraluce H100 head provides great chip removal rate. The head features a spindle locking system to enable turning operations.


Also the machine is provided with a high degree of automation, with an automatic head and tool change system with one single magazine. It also incorporates an identification system for Balluff tools.

The modular design of the machine offers excellent versatility and is equipped with a wide range of optional accessories, allowing the machine to suit different needs of machining with high efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, the concept of the travelling column of the machine allows pendular machining and simultaneous machining / part loading.

Thanks to the stability and rigidity of its design, precision and productivity during machining operations on large components are maximized. The machine, with optimum power and cutting speed, yields greater machining results thanks to its dynamic transmission system and combined guiding and damping system.

This next generation machine has been the fruition of a complete rethinking of the machine concept from the point of view of the user, improving operational efficiency and developing a global machine concept that not only considers the machine itself, but also the complete work area.


Moreover, the latest technologies developed by Soraluce are included, among others the DAS - Dynamics Active Stabiliser - system. This is a device that actively increases dynamic rigidity of the machines, thus increasing cutting capacity up to 300% thanks to the reduction of vibrations during the machining process.

The milling and boring machine Soraluce FP-16000 also includes technological features framed in the "Industry 4.0" concept; more specifically a complete monitoring package based on "cloud computing." It includes functions such as viewing the status of the machine in real time, information about the status of the machining program in progress, energy consumption, behaviour of machining cycles, and a diagnosis of key signals for maintenance of the facility.

With these latest developments, Goimek takes a great leap forward and provides both traditional clients and new client sectors a wide choice in machining options.

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