Ford awards Fagor Ederlan

The cooperative was finalist in the Ford Annual World Excellence Awards.
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Jun 06, 2017

Fagor Ederlan was finalist in the “Special recognition”  category of the   “Ford Annual World Excellence Awards”. A total of 150 companies attended this event held in the Henry Ford museum, Dearborn (Michigan, USA) on 16th May, one of these being the cooperative from Gipuzkoa.

The awards recognise excellence achieved by Ford suppliers in matters such as quality, service, innovation, competitiveness and diversity.

During the event, those attending were privy to Ford’s vision of the automotive business and market, as well as it strategies for the future. Later, the awards were presented, grouped around eleven categories which included:  “Primary Brand Pillars”,  aimed at the core values of the Ford brand; “Aligned Business Framework”,  to business excellence; “Special Recognition”, to suppliers who have exceeded Ford’s expectations and in which  Fagor Ederlan was finalist; and “Lincoln Luxury”, aimed at those suppliers whose leadership has strengthened the North American manufacturer’s position.

The event was presided over by Mark Fields CEO y Hau Thai-Tang, Executive Vice President, product development and purchasing, acknowledging the effort and work carried out by Ford’s key suppliers present at the ceremony. “Your commitment to the highest standards of quality, innovation and cost efficiency has contributed significantly to Ford’s success. Thank you for your hard work and contribution and for helping Ford go further” said Hau Thai-Tang.

Ford-Fagor Ederlan: 30 years of involvement

Fagor Ederlan and Ford have had a strong business relationship for more than 30 years. With a sales turnover of more than €60 million in 2016, it is one of the cooperative’s most important global customers to whom it supplies components such as iron and aluminium steering knuckles, engine parts and brake discs throughout all regions of the world: Europa, Asia, NAFTA and Mercosur.

Javier Egurcegui, Market manager for the Fagor Ederlan Group, attended the event and highlighted the importance of such: “Ford is one of the pillars of our forward-looking project and one of the most collaborative automobile manufacturers in joint business development. This nomination is a great honour for Fagor Ederlan and motivates us even further to achieve and surpass our customer’s expectations”

Fagor Ederlan concludes six months of recognition, as this was the third award presented to the Group by its customers this year, among which were the Supplier of the Year award from Mando, manufacturer of brake systems, and from General Motors (GM).

About Fagor Ederlan Group

The Fagor Ederlan Group is a leading supplier in the automotive sector, specialising in Chassis and Powertrain components, offering the market comprehensive solutions in all product lines.  The major vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers are customers of Fagor Ederlan, enabling it to share, understand and accomplish the most important challenges within the market, providing a tailor-made response to the demands of each customer and market area.

Its unquestionable dedication to service has led to the group’s international growth, making Fagor Ederlan a global supplier with 20 plants and partnerships in key regions of the sector such as Europe, Mercosur, Asia and Nafta.

With over 3,600 professionals, as a cooperative that forms part of the MONDRAGON Corporation its rationale and the driving force behind its activity is the generation of employment.

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