Fagor Ederlan Tafalla ready to manufacture CGI

The Navarran cooperative has recently adapted its facilities to enable them to produce compacted graphite iron. Initial prototypes are already being produced.
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Jan 08, 2020

Fagor Ederlan Tafalla has upgraded its productive capacity by means of a new system that allows components to be manufactured in compacted graphite iron. To achieve this, it has worked in collaboration with the leading company SinterCast, opting for that company’s ‘3000 system’. This system provides the control necessary to guarantee the quality of the alloy: a specific alloy with a wide application in the development of products for commercial vehicles and industrial applications.

This alloy is especially used in applications for commercial and industrial vehicles.

The project, lead by Fagor Ederlan Tafalla and Edertek engineering, has successfully completed the manufacture of prototypes for the production of engine blocks and cylinder heads used in industrial applications. In doing so, the Fagor Ederlan group will strengthen its position in the commercial and industrial vehicle sector, a sector in which it has been working for more than 35 years,  supplying engine blocks, cylinder heads and other steering and transmission products.

“Following our latest investment of more than €40 million in foundry and casting facilities, we have achieved the metallurgical flexibility and dimensional capacity to fully exploit the potential benefits of compacted graphite iron” states Mr. Ignacio Ainzua, Engineering Manager of Fagor Ederlan Tafalla. “By upgrading to the full SinterCast System 3000 standard, we hope to support the development of CGI products and the mass production needs of our customers.”

Being a foundry specialising in the production of engine components for automobile, commercial and industrial vehicle applications, upgrading this foundry’s means is key to meet the existing demand for this type of material, which can enhance the properties of the product. 

Fagor Ederlan Tafalla is one of the six iron foundries that the Fagor Ederlan Group has worldwide. With an annual capacity of more than 250,000 tons. The Fagor Ederlan Group is a specialist in Chassis and Powertain components for passenger and industrial vehicles, as well as industrial applications. Within the commercial and industrial vehicle sector, the Fagor Ederlan group is trusted by leading customers in this field,  such as John Deere, Deutz, Perkins, Meritor, DANA, Bosch, Eaton and AAM, among others, and it manufactures more than 1.5 million components for this sector worldwide from its plants in Tafalla, Brazil and Mexico.

The Fagor Ederlan group has more than 4,500 employees in 18 production plants in 5 countries and a turnover of more than €650 million, closing the year ending, 2019, with sales that will reach €700 million .

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