Fagor Ederlan Group reaches 560 million in sales for 2016

Fagor Ederlan ended 2016 with milestones and relevant events such as its appearance at the latest IZB 2016 trade fair, being recipient of the British Foundry Medal and its consolidation as a global reference supplier within the sector.
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Feb 14, 2017

Fagor Ederlan Group ends the previous year with positive results The group, a global reference supplier for the automotive sector, achieved a turnover of €560 million. The workforce for the whole group includes 3600 workers divided among the 20 production plants that it has throughout the world.

Fagor Ederlan

Equally noteworthy during 2016 has been the effort and great progress the Fagor Ederlan Group has made as a global supplier. More than 19 million brake components, 10 million steering knuckles, 6 million engine and transmission components, are manufactured and supplied by its 20 production plants located in the main regions of the automotive sector. Fagor Ederlan Group ended 2016 with the creation of 2 new low pressure aluminium casting plants, one in Mexico and the other in Bergara (Guipúzcoa) Between both 90 new jobs will be created by the end of this year, projected to rise to 300 jobs in 4 years. Similarly, 2016 has been the first year of production with the two Joint Ventures created by Fagor Ederlan in China (along with Infun) and Mexico (along with the Saltillo Industrial Group)

Qualitative aspects

With over 3600 professionals, as a cooperative that forms part of the MONDRAGON Corporation its rationale and the driving force behind its activity is the generation of employment.

Apart from the positive development of quantitative variables, also worth mentioning are several relevant qualitative milestones with regard to its market position as a reference supplier of automotive components.

One of these was its participation at IZB 2016, international trade fair for automotive components, which Fagor Ederlan has attended since 2014. Its presence at this event has produced very positive results, with more than 130 visitors and over 20 meetings with customers. Fagor Ederlan also had the honour of receiving a visit from the directors of the VW group, Dr Herbert Diess - Chairman of the VW brand - and Mr Ralph Brandstätter -Director of the VW Procurement Division -. During the fair, Fagor Ederlan presented its proposal for advanced solutions within all of its product lines, most notably among others being product weight reduction developments such as aluminium and bimetal brake discs, its latest developments in aluminium steering knuckles or HPDC aluminium engine blocks.

Another highlight was that of receiving the prestigious British Foundry Medal award. This award recognizes the work done by the team at the Edertek technology centre, published in 2015, regarding the development of materials and production processes aimed at reducing weight. A challenge stemming from the group’s commitment to innovation as a key element in its market positioning.

About Fagor Ederlan Group

The Fagor Ederlan Group is a leading supplier in the Automotive sector, specialising in Chassis and Powertrain components, and offering the market comprehensive solutions in all product lines.  The major vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers are customers of Fagor Ederlan, enabling it to share, understand and accomplish the most important challenges within the market, providing a custom-made response to the demands of each customer and market area.

Its unquestionable dedication to service has led to the group’s international growth, making Fagor Ederlan a global supplier with 20 plants and partnerships in key regions of the sector such as Europe, Mercosur, Asia and Nafta.

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