Fagor Ederlan and Asteria Performance sign an agreement to launch the new generation of air brakes for the European market

The signing of an agreement between Fagor Ederlan and Asteria Performance is the basis of a new business to manufacture and supply advanced braking solutions for the Heavy Truck Industry. Have signed an agreement that will allow Fagor Ederlan, supported by Asteria Performance, a Canadian company, to start up a new commercial activity to industrialize and supply an advanced braking system for commercial vehicle applications in Europe.
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Apr 18, 2013

In an initial phase of this agreement, Fagor Ederlan will carry out a European market research, focused on the specific needs of the commercial vehicle sector. The market research will also be used to outline the design and development for the manufacturing process. During this phase of the agreement, focus will be placed on the development potential of a new industrial activity that will allow the creation of jobs, being the main driving force behind this cooperative’s business and advancing the value offered by the Fagor Ederlan group.

The commercial vehicle sector, in which Fagor Ederlan generates part of its sales, is one of the first focal points of this phase. The braking solution designed and patented by Asteria Performance in the largest markets worldwide, is well suited for the needs and requirements demanded by heavy vehicles.

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This innovative braking system has clear advantages and a competitive edge over the solutions currently used, improving braking performance and better maintenance. The product has been developed and tested by Asteria with complete success. Currently, Asteria Performance’s braking system has successfully passed the certification to comply with the new U.S. federal legislation, effective in August 2013. The new U.S. legislation requires commercial trucks to brake 30% faster and shorter. This would allow the product to be marketed at its current stage of development.

Asteria Performance is an innovative and technological company specializing in Advanced Automotive Engineering based out of the Province of Quebec, Canada.

Fagor Ederlan, a manufacturer of Chassis, Powertrain modules and components, is widely recognized as a supplier of braking solutions for the automotive industry. From the material to the assembly of systems, providing extensive know how to product design and processes capable of satisfying stringent European legislative requirements concerning safety parts such as discs, callipers and braking systems. In this evolution from component to system, which requires a full comprehension of brake functions, Fagor Ederlan can capitalize on over 15 years’ experience as a manufacturer of braking systems. Throughout its industrial operations, FIT Automoción has provided more than 40 million braking systems for the European market and has been recognized for its excellence in operations. In addition to braking systems, the group boasts additional assembly procedures such as complete axle and front suspension column assemblies, for more than 15 years at Fagor Ederlan Borja.

About Fagor Ederlan Group

Fagor Ederlan is a leading provider in the automotive sector, specialising in Chassis and Powertrain components and offering the market comprehensive solutions in all product lines.  The major vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers are customers of Fagor Ederlan, enabling it to share, understand and accomplish the most important challenges within the market, providing a custom-made response to the demands of each customer and market area.

Its unquestionable dedication to service has led to the group's international growth, making Fagor Ederlan a global supplier with more than 15 plants and partnerships in worldwide key regions of the automotive sector such as Europe, Mercosur, Asia and Nafta.

With over 3,500 professionals, as a cooperative within the Mondragon Corporation, the driving force behind the company’s activity is quality job creation.

About Asteria Performance

Asteria Performance is a Canadian company providing innovative engineering solutions in the automotive sector. The company is on the cutting edge of braking solution technologies within the commercial vehicle industry. The engineering team has participated in past projects with automotive majors in the USA and Europe.

Asteria’s mission statement is to provide straightforward solutions to complex technological challenges. The company has developed a patented disk braking solution that is cost efficient, safer, highly performant and environmentally friendly. Asteria’s flexible and dynamic corporate structure permits it to provide quick responses to technological issues.

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