Fagor Automation at CWIEME and MECSPE exhibitions

back home 23Mar Fagor Automation at CWIEME and MECSPE exhibitions Posted by World in Exhibitions Fagor Automation has attended the CWIEME exhibition (China, 14-17/March/2013) and the MECSPE exhibition (Italy, 21-23/March/2013) presenting their latest technological novelties in their range of absolute and incremental linear encoders as well as in their CNC range.
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Team work Fagor Automatoin.
Mar 27, 2013

Outstanding improvements with their new generation steel-tape linear encoders of up to 60 meters. Thanks to their possibility to remove the reading head from either end, they provide up to a 50% reduction in installation and maintenance time.

Even more powerful CNC8065 with high-speed algorithms and with more and more demanding features. Volumetric compensation and solid graphics among others for a faster and more realistic process.

A wide range of products based on the latest technological advances and with their permanent goal of offering their customers new products with improved efficiency and features as well as global support in terms of solutions, cooperation, safety and business opportunities anywhere in the world.

Products for machine automation and control.