Edertek was awarded the British Foundry Medal 2016 by the Institute of Cast Metal Engineers

Last October, Patxi Rodriguez and Edurne Otxoa were awarded the "British Foundry Medal" awarded to the best article published in 2015 in the specialized magazine "Foundry Trade Journal".
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Nov 28, 2016

This prestigious award recognizes the work developed and published in 2015 by Patxi Rodriguez, Manager of Materials, and Edurne Otxoa, Head of the Laboratory of the Technological Centre Edertek, regarding the development of new methodologies for the use of secondary aluminium alloys for safety components manufactured in low pressure.

The article summarizes the research project developed by Edertek, in collaboration with Fagor EderlanMapsaBefesa and Mondragon Unibertsitatea, to search alternative raw materials for the manufacturing of safety components. The results of the research project, funded by the CDTI, the Basque Government and FEDER funds from the EU through the SAIOTEK program, provided the possibility of using secondary alloys in this type of high-performance components, providing the market with competitive and differentiated solutions.

To the event celebrated last Saturday 15 of October in the British town of Dudley, attended both award-winners and shared the ceremony with others researchers from the casting world such as Prof. John Campbell and the Prof. Helen Atkinson.

The product and process innovation and design, as well as the development of materials, is the axis of the innovation program of Fagor Ederlan group, led by the Technological Centre Edertek.The awarded research and publication is directly related to the work of Edertek in the achievement of one of the main challenges of the automotive sector —the lightening of components—, using alternative materials together with the design of processes each time more demanding and robust.

Fagor Ederlan, leading company in the development and manufacturing of safety components in aluminium for suspension applications, designs solutions, manufactures more than 3 million of components and already has four production plants in Europe, China and Mexico intended to the manufacturing of such components with low-pressure technologies.

About Fagor Ederlan Group and Edertek

Fagor Ederlan Group is a leading supplier in the automotive sector focused in Chassis and Powertrain offering integral market solutions in all the product lines.  The main vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers are Fagor Ederlan clients, allowing it to share, to understand and to reach the most prominent challenges of the market, providing a personalized response to the demands of each client and market region.

Its clear mission to serve has leaded the international growth of the group, making from Fagor Ederlan a global supplier with 20 plants and productive alliances in the main regions of the sector such as Europe, Mercosur, Asia, and NAFTA.

With more than 3600 professionals, as a cooperative inside Mondragon Corporation, its raison d'être and the motor of its activity is to generate employment.

About ICME and Foundry Medal Awards

ICME, Institute of Cast Metal Engineers, is the institute of all individuals related to the casting industry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, covering different technologies and auxiliary industry.

Its purpose is to join people of all those sectors and levels to offer technical and professional advice and support in the development of opportunities and challenges related to the casting industry. 

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