Ecoflow, Copreci´s new control system for the hearth industry

Feb 26, 2015

A revolutionary control system featuring thermocouple flame sense technology. The Ecoflow system is characterized by its ease of use, safety and quick response. It is a fully configurable system that allows from a simple ON / OFF function to the thermostatic option or even the real flame option.

This unique system is powered by Skytech and fueled by Copreci to achieve the ultimate in features, safety and user-friendly operation. Featuring the quick-response Thermocouple Flame sense system.


A very reliable and safe system

It is based on the rapid response of the flame detection system with thermocouple. A very reliable and safe system that ensures operation humid, windy and contaminated conditions. Its remote control offers: On/Off, Hi/Med/Low, and also fan and light control. Moreover, the gas change is very quick.

Copreci will use the video in main exhibitions. The audiovisual piece has been edited and post-produced by Arteman.

Wednesday 28 Min: 8
Max: 17
Thursday 29 Min: 6
Max: 21
Friday 30 Min: 9
Max: 22

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