Copreci’s electrobombs can be found in 10 out of the best 12 dishwashers according to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a very prestigious magazine from the United States, and has an independent character. Since 1936, it works for the consumers through its qualifications and inpartial evaluations of different products and their research.
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Apr 27, 2015

On the last issue of April 2015, a reportage rates the dishwasher BOSCH Ascenta model SHX3AR as the best option for the american consumers. This is due to its value and the relation between the wash cycle/use of water of 90 min/ 6 gal.

This model is also qualified as one of the most silent and specially efficient, features that Copreci contributes with their BLP3 bombs, knwon for their low level of noise and a very efficient use of water and energy.

Also, 10 out of the 12 better qualified dishwashers own Copreci’s bombs too.

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