As a further step in its Strategic Plan, the cooperative Matz Erreka, S.Coop. has recently undertaken a process of renewal regarding its corporate image

The main objective has been to encompass the four business units (Fastening Solutions, Plastics, Automation and Automatic Doors) that make up the group and its respective products within a single brand (Erreka).
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Sep 07, 2015

Likewise, it also aims to provide better support to the internationalization process of the cooperative and renew its image. This has been done by updating logos in the different media, on buildings and at their facilities, including the new web pages of the group:, and their businesses.

Erreka web

These websites represent the main characteristics of its business in a renewed fashion, together with the cooperative´s recently updated mission. 

Although the corporate name of the cooperative (Matz-Erreka, S.Coop.) will remain unchanged, from the point of view of communication, Erreka will be the brand name used when referring to the company in general.

Fastening Solutions, Plastics and Access Automation