“The Congress has established the Centro Stirling as an important international organisation for the development and application of these technologies”

Following a hectic few days, Javier Aranceta from his office at the Centro Stirling in Aretxabaleta tells TU lankide what the organisation of the International Congress has meant for the centre. We could not be more positive “as we achieved nearly all of our goals”. Paul Verhoef, Director of the European Commission's European Renewable and Alternative Energies Research Unit praised the work at the centre, part of MONDRAGON Corporation.
Oct 03, 2014


How does the Centro Stirling rate the recent congress?

In the words of the president of Stirling International, its been the best stirling congress held to date. Personally, given the size and trajectory of the Centro Stirling, and the experience of its researchers, I think its been a success. Despite the difficulties we were able to enjoy the presence of Paul Verhoef, director of European research at the DG for Renewable and Alternative Energy, and Javier Zarraonandia, the Basque Government's director for Energy, Mines and Industry, and also the support of EDP and IK-4. The most notable members of the scientific community in this field were present, as well as stirling-based product manufacturers (Microgen, Stirling Ultracold, Stirling Power, Suction engines…). I think that it has definitely established the Centro Stirling as an important international organisation for the development and application of these technologies.

On the other hand, and thanks to the good weather, the Basque Country, Bilbao and the Euskalduna provided the attendees with a touch of luxury and comfort which is always welcome and which facilitates communication amongst attendees, which is the ultimate goal of such meetings.


What about the standard of the presentations?

At a congress with over 90 papers there has obviously been a bit of everything, from relatively simple ideas to very advanced concepts. From the masterful presentation given by Doctor Israel Urieli, whose books are benchmarks in the world of thermodynamics, to end of course projects for vocational training programmes. I think that the range of presentations indicates that the technology not only enables elaborate mathematical formula to be developed, but also enables its theories to be put onto practice, sometimes in a very simple manner.

On the other hand, several presentations will soon feature in very important publications, underlying their significance.

What are the main Congress conclusions regarding the future of stirling technology?

Our growing concern for energy efficiency, the introduction of renewable energies and the recovery of residual energy has led to the marketing of very interesting products based on the technology, along with others. Obviously, given the low production numbers, devices are still expensive, but this will improve over time.

And the future of the Centre located in Aretxabaleta depends on...

The Centre is clear that its vocation is to serve its business partners, for whom the stirling-related technologies to be harnessed, i.e. combustion, fluidics, thermodynamics, mechanics and electronics, are directly applicable to improving their products. We will use stirling technology to expand our our knowledge and to potentially generate new products and alliances.

ISEC 2014 Bilbao

"The Centre is clear that its vocation is to serve the advancement of its business partners"


Bartolini, President of Stirling International; Aranceta, Director of Centro Stirling; Verhoef, from the European Commission; and Zarraonaindia, from the Basque Government.

MONDRAGON Corporation and many of the cooperatives that comprise it participated at the congress. Do you expect cooperation amongst cooperatives to lead to activity within the Corporation in this field?

Several initiatives are already under way at different organisations, both inside and outside the corporation, and we are also working on two new projects, in the fields of energy and health, which arose from contacts made and ideas exchanged at the congress.

Technological Centre specialized in sustainable energy in the home environment

MONDRAGON Corporation.