Visit of the chief representative of MONDRAGON in Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chief representative of MONGRAGON in Vietnam for the past five years, has visited the corporation these days. We have taken advantage of he’s visit to get a closer view on the development of the asian country.
Apr 08, 2014

Director de la delegacion den MONDRAGON en Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh Phong pointed out that in the past few years the gross domestic product has increased between 7 and 8% and that this continues rising on exportation. Traditionally, the most important sectors of exportation have been the agriculture , textil, and furniture. But recently ,  due to foreign investments from countries like United States, Japan, South Corea, Europe and Singapur, exportations have increased on a wider product area.

Thanh Phong  pointed out the growing relationship between Vietnam and Europe.  Proof of this is the recent visit of the Spanish foreign trade minister to Vietnam and that they are establishing a relationship for free market business making  between both countries.

MONDRAGON Corporation.