Spectacular Humanity at Music

Sep 27, 2019

The big premiere of the show in Vitoria-Gasteiz gathered more than 11.400 spectators. A huge success! 

The cultural and cooperative event, Humanity At Music, put music, voice and dance to the more than 60 years of cooperative experience, but especially it transmitted emotion and excitement. 

Humanity At Music-espectáculo

The big premiere of last 14 september, was much more than a concert. It was a great festival, entertaining and exciting, that will be unforgettable because it hasn’t got precedings. 

Humanity At Music-espectáculo

A thousand artists took part on the show, including: Kukai Dantza Taldea, la Orquesta Sinfónica de Euskadi and a group of 450 voices of different basque choirs. They performed the musical pieces of the cooperative sinfony, starting with “Obertura” and finishing with “Etorkizuna”. 

Humanity At Music-espectáculo

You can see all the photos in: Humanity At Music


Sunday 20 Min: 13
Max: 24
Monday 21 Min: 14
Max: 22
Tuesday 22 Min: 13
Max: 24

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