Oskar Goitia, new Chairman of MONDRAGON International

The Standing Committee of the MONDRAGON Cooperative Assembly has agreed to appoint Oskar Goitia as Chairman of MONDRAGON International.
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May 21, 2015

Oskar Goitia, newly appointed Chairman of the International Division of MONDRAGON Corporation, is taking office on 25 May, taking over from Josu Ugarte, who is embarking on a different professional project. Mr Goitia will retain his position as Vice-chairman of the MONDRAGON Automotive Division CM.

Born in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1969, Oskar Goitia holds a degree in Mechanical/Technical Engineering from Mondragon Unibertsitatea. He took the first steps in his professional career as a technician in Wohlfahrt GmbH, a German manufacturer of motor machines and tools based in the suburbs of Stuttgart. On returning to the Basque Country, he joined MONDRAGON Group as a member of the technical department of the Fagor Ederlan cooperative. In 1994, he left Fagor for Aurrenak, a cooperative in which he was Business Manager (1994-1999) and General Manager (1999-2003). In 2004, Mr Goitia was appointed General Manager of Loramendi, playing a key role in its transformation into a cooperative and its integration into MONDRAGON Corporation. Five years later, he became General Manager of MONDRAGON Automoción, building stronger strategic relationships with customers and working for internationalisation and cooperation between the various cooperatives that are part of the company. In May 2013, he was appointed Vice-chairman of the MONDRAGON Automotive Division CM (Cikautxo and Maier).

International profile Oskar Goitia has been in contact with the leading markets in the automotive industry – USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, Russia, India, Japan, China – for the past 22 years, visiting and staying in them on a regular basis, and coordinating multicultural teams and the establishment of plants or facilities abroad.

Mr Goitia is fluent in English and German as well as in Spanish and Basque. He has been a board member in several local and European associations in the automotive and machinery industries, building strong ties with top-level customers and strong institutional relations at the global level.