Mondragon Unibertsitatea participates in the hand of MTA in an encounter to develop solutions for the coronavirus

More specifically Mondragon Team Academy has led one of the hackathon challenges / challenges on “Remote Working and Education”.
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Apr 29, 2020

To complement the actions taking place at global and member state level, the European Commission, in close collaboration with EU member states, has carried out a pan-European hackathon to connect civil society, innovators, partners and investors across Europe to develop innovative solutions for the coronavirus.

Mondragon Team Academy has participated as a university partner, in addition its coaches have acted as coordinators and mentors, and members of the entire MTA community of the different laboratories have participated as ‘problem solvers’. More specifically Mondragon Team Academy has led one of the hackathon challenges / challenges on “Remote Working and Education”.

The #EUvsVirus Hackathon was carried out on April 24, 25 and 26 and different impending challenges of the coronavirus (for example, rapid production of equipment, expansion of production capacities, knowledge transfer and solutions from one country to another) which will be rapidly developed and deployed across the EU market.

It has been structured around categories of problems that need short-term solutions in relation to coronavirus, health and life, business continuity, distance work and education, social and political cohesion, digital finance and an open category. for other kinds of challenges.

This pan-European hackathon is an example of how Europe can unite in times of crisis, it is European innovation in action. All 27 EU Member States have participated, as well as Norway, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Winning solutions will be invited to join a European Innovation Council Platform that will facilitate connections with end users (eg hospitals) and provide access to investors, foundations and other funding opportunities across the European Commission.

MTA, more than10 years innovating

The Business Faculty of Mondragon University, through Mondragon Team Academy, has been developing innovative methodologies in entrepreneurial education for more than 10 years and has become an important reference, especially with the development of the Official European Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation (LEINN) taught in 9 laboratories: Irún, Oñati, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Queretaro, Puebla (Mexico), and Shanghai (China). The LEINN degree currently has more than 900 students and 400 graduates of the 7 promotions that have come out. It should be noted that 35% of graduates have created or are creating a startup, about 30 currently and 50% develop intrapreneurship and innovation projects in existing companies. Therefore, the graduation profile of the degree is contributing significantly to the business and social ecosystem. 

The international dimension of the project is one of the main keys, since the laboratory network of Mondragon Team Academy has several partners for the development of these laboratories: TEAMLABS in Madrid and Barcelona, Florida University in Valencia, TZBZ for LEINN International, UMx for Querétaro, IBERO in Puebla. There are currently new initiatives underway in Seoul (Korea), Seattle (USA); Bogotá (Colombia) and Nairobi (Kenya).