MONDRAGON takes part in the Chinese National Day in Kunshan

The celebration ceremony organised by the Kunshan government was attended by several MONDRAGON companies and the corporate delegation made a joint donation of 3,500 euros to the Chinese Red Cross.
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Luis Fernández-Cuevas, Alberto de Sarasqueta, Gao Yiping, the Mayoress of Qiandeng (the municipality in which the Kunshan Industrial Estate is located) and Aitor Ruiz de Alegría.
Oct 08, 2015

On September 29, on the occasion of Chinese National Day – held on October 1 every year to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 – a gala dinner for 150 guests was organised by the government of Kunshan.


The ceremony was attended by institutional representatives and the Regional Chairmen of the main state companies, with only 10 representatives of foreign firms being invited to attend. Alberto de Sarasqueta, the Manager of MONDRAGON Kunshan Park, Luis Fernández-Cuevas, the Managing Director of Batz Kunshan and Aitor Ruiz de Alegría, the Managing Director of Cikautxo Kunshan, were among those invited.

At the event, the corporate delegation handed over a joint donation to the Chinese Red Cross for an amount of RMB24000 (€3500) raised by MONDRAGON Kunshan Park, Cikautxo, Batz, and Fagor Arrasate in line with the cooperative principle of solidarity and social commitment to the local area.

During the ceremony the new Mayor of Kunshan, Du Xiaogang, thanked the group cooperatives for attending and wished them all the best for the forthcoming years.