MONDRAGON Russia holds a gathering of manufacturers of cooking appliances in Russia and Belarus

The meeting was attended by delegates from Copreci, Orkli, Eika, Fagor Arrasate and Goiti. MONDRAGON consolidates its position as the leading importer of household appliances, machine tools and presses in Russia and Belarus.
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A delegate from Orkli introduces his cooperative’s project at the event held in Prague.
Mar 29, 2017

A seminar was held on 17 March in Prague, Czechia, under the title “Metal working and components for the manufacture of cooking appliances” targeting makers of gas and electric cookers in Russia and Belarus. The event, organised by MONDRAGON’s delegation in Russia, attracted the interest of the top management and technical and commercial managers of the different plants. Those attending the meeting represented brands (Gazprom, Brestgazoapparat, PPO EVT, among others) that account for 98% of the production in gas and electric cookers, with an approximate annual output of 2,000,000 units.


Delegates from the brands and production plants attending the meeting during the presentation.

Cooperatives in attendance

The manufacturing cooperatives that attended and made their respective presentations were Copreci (valves, thermostats and induction); Orkli (thermocouples and magnet units); Eika (glass-ceramic hobs, electric thermostats, touch controls, and electric resistances); Fagor Arrasate (design and manufacture of equipment for the pressure-processing of metal); and Goiti, part of the Danobatgroup (design and manufacture of milling, lathing, edging, folding, punching, laser-cutting machines, etc.).

The cooperatives introduced their products and technological developments at the meeting, and during the round-tables in the afternoon they all had a chance to talk about matters of shared interest across the different plants and cooperatives, addressing topics such as current and future procurement, new products, and investments in machinery, with this opportunity also being taken to strengthen ties for discussing future projects.

This event has consolidated MONDRAGON’s position as a leading importer of components for domestic appliances, machine tools and presses in these plants in Russia and Belarus.