MONDRAGON launches a new corporate video

The group has recently completed the production of a new four-minute video explaining the keys to the cooperative project.
Oct 19, 2016

It consists of a documentary lasting four-and-a-half minutes, with the main aim of presenting an overview of the cooperative project’s scope.

Diversity, scope, innovation and inter-cooperation

The new video is a communication tool basically focusing on four aspects: firstly, the cooperative group’s diversity of business, with a description of the four areas making it up (Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge); secondly, the scope of the project, highlighting MONDRAGON’s worldwide presence, with 128 production plants abroad and 9 international offices; thirdly, the priority given by the group to innovation and promotion of new business units, with an innovation ecosystem comprised of 15 R&D centres, the university and the companies themselves; and lastly, the importance of inter-cooperation between the group companies and the cooperative management model, where people are the key factor.  

Serving cooperatives

The new video will shortly be sent to the cooperatives so that they can use it to present the group. In fact, one of its main aims is to be of practical use to the cooperatives.

It will also be shared through other channels such as MONDRAGON’s corporate website or the social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).


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