Mondragon Assembly acquires 60% of the capital of the Asian company QHD Visual Automation  Equipment

The acquisition follows a close collaboration in the development of an innovative laminating machine.
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Mar 22, 2022

After seven years of collaboration in different projects, Mondragon Assembly has acquired 60% of the capital of QHD Visual Automation Equipment, a Chinese company located in the city of Qinghuangdao and dedicated to automation solutions for the solar, glass and ceramics industries. 

The operation aims to establish Mondragon Assembly as a global supplier of turnkey automatic lines for the manufacture of solar panels.

"It is part of the roadmap of our Strategic Plan, which aims to be proactive in the search for new alliances that will allow us to create new business opportunities and strengthen our competitive advantage over our competitors," said Iñaki Madina, Director of the Solar Business. “This alliance will give us the opportunity to develop new solutions globally, face new challenges and design new applications for the future of the industry," adds Mr Lui, CEO of QHD Visual Automation Equipment Co.

The newest laminating machine on the market 


The collaboration between the two companies has already resulted in an innovative and top-quality project for the solar sector. A technological solution and which consists of a membrane-free laminator for the assembly of photovoltaic modules and which represents a breakthrough in terms of quality, competitiveness and efficiency. By dispensing with the "membrane" in the entire lamination process, in addition to substantially improving the quality of the solar panel, it allows customers to significantly reduce the operating costs of the panel assembly line. Furthermore, this new laminator is suitable for any type of photovoltaic module, but is specially designed for Glass-Glass modules in line with market trends. 

About Mondragon Assembly 

Mondragon Assembly is an international group specialising in the development of automation and assembly solutions. The parent company in Spain, which is a cooperative, was created in 1977, and is one of the pioneers in the development of production and assembly technologies. MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY is divided into three areas of activity: Solar, E-mobility and energy storage, and Automation. Its main activities in each of these areas include the development of turnkey production lines and machines and contract manufacturing, enabling it to offer solutions anywhere in the world through its six production plants and three technical and commercial offices.   

About QHD Visual Automation Equipment Co., Ltd 

QHD Visual Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech and experienced Chinese company dedicated to the design and manufacture of PV module lamination equipment, automation and visual inspection systems. It is currently based in the city of Qinghuangdao (China) and is one of the leading emerging local players. The company has a strong R&D capability and a good local customer base, mainly in the solar PV, glass and ceramics sectors. 




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