Creating for Humanity: united to mobilize young people to create solutions for the coronavirus

Mondragon Team Academy (LEINN) together with MONDRAGON and other companies, Foundations and NGOs united to mobilize young people to create solutions for the coronavirus.
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Apr 07, 2020

Entities promoting social innovation, including the Mondragon Team Academy (with the LEINN degree), have joined forces to launch Creating for Humanity, and encourage a mass mobilization of young people in search of effective and rapid solutions to the coronavirus crisis .

In addition to MTA-LEINN, Danone, Fundación Telefónica, Ashoka, Bridge for Billions, Ship2B, MONDRAGON, La Bolsa Social, Fundación 'La Caixa' and IrsiCaixa participate in this initiative: companies, social organizations and research centers with experience in promoting, promote and accompany until its completion projects of social impact. Its objective is to find new alternatives to combat the effects of the pandemic with innovative solutions based on teamwork and networking.

The Creating for Humanity platform unifies the three types of active calls in support of young innovators: Ideas, Solutions, Start-Ups. The common motto? #YouthInCharge. Because it is time for young people to lead as a team the solutions that society needs.

• Ideas in Action (#IdeasForHumanity)

Aimed at innovators between 9 and 18 years old, it aims to centralize the proposals of groups of students, schools or families that work together to face challenges in their environment.

In this group are the calls promoted by Ashoka and Danone (Feeding the Change), Ashoka and Fundación Telefónica (STEAM Challenge and Radical Curiosity. Fuller Educational Challenge), and Fundación 'La Caixa' through Educaixa and IrsiCaixa through the Living Health Lab (Coronavirus Community LAB).

Solutions (#SolutionsForHumanity)

Call for projects already started by social innovators of legal age, although still in a pilot phase.

Here stands out the example of the Covida app, founded by MTA-LEINN social entrepreneurs, which connects the needs of single or vulnerable people with volunteers willing to help them with their purchases, providing them with the food, medicine or other materials they may need during confinement. 

Here are the calls led by Bridge for Billions (The Leap) and Fundación 'La Caixa' through EduCaixa and IrsiCaixa with Living Lab de Salud (Coronavirus Community LAB).

• Start-Ups (# Start-upsForHumanity)

Calls for start-ups or small social companies with the potential to grow and multiply the positive effects of their work in the fight against COVID-19.

 The two calls for Ship2B (Tech4Health, Tech4Social and DKV Impacta) are found here.

 All the information available at where families, schools, young entrepreneurs and start-ups can join this "massive call to action" for the good of humanity.