Canadian Professor embarks on a European bike tour for co-operation

A Canadian Professor has started a cycling tour of Europe where he will visit co-operatives in nine countries. André Martin from the Institute for Research and Education for Co-operatives and Mutuals of the University of Sherbrooke (IRECUS) started his tour at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum on August 3rd. Inspired by the International Year of Co-operatives, and connecting with other co-operators, Prof. Martin said: “I felt the strength of the movement; my work involves researching co-operatives and 2012 presented us with a great opportunity to speak about co-operatives."
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André and his son, Charles, with Museum Guide Clare Hirst outside the Rochdale Pioneers Museum.
Aug 27, 2013

He hopes that by travelling across Europe he will be able to promote co-operative values and principles, while engaging with other co-operators.

Prof Martin will travel to nine different countries covering 5,400 kilometres, and will be joined by his 21-year old son, Charles, who will travel with him for the first two weeks, and his elder son, David (23), will accompany him for the following three weeks. For the rest of the journey Prof Martin will be travelling on his own. While cycling, they will be wearing T-shirts with the logo of the co-operative tour, designed by his daughter Carolanne.

Professor Martin also visit the Mondragon Corporation.

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