Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, main points of the second edition of MasterTECH

These are areas in which there is a great demand for qualified personnel in the Basque industry and the IKERLAN technology center and Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa have opted to develop these profiles within the framework of the MasterTECH training offer.
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Feb 20, 2023

The second edition of MasterTECH, the training program promoted by IKERLAN and Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa to train professionals specialized in strategic areas for the Basque industry, ended today, February 17, with the ceremony of awarding diplomas to the eight students from this second promotion, which has been focused on the fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

In the first module, the students have acquired knowledge about the life cycle of AI models such as data analysis and validation and digitization platforms. On the other hand, in the cybersecurity module, subjects such as security in embedded and cloud systems, cybersecurity incident management, ethical hacking or cryptography have been taught.

MasterTECH is a specialisation programme aimed at professionals with expert teaching staff from different backgrounds: professors and researchers from Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa  and researchers from IKERLAN. The students especially highlight that the master's degree addresses aspects in a practical format that are not taught in universities and, nevertheless, are strategic for the competitiveness of companies.

Cristina Zubia, project manager at IKERLAN and participant in this second edition, points out that "MasterTECH is the perfect framework to consolidate and acquire new knowledge in technologies that are currently in great demand by a wide range of industry sectors, such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence". With regard to the reconciliation of daily activities, she stresses that "the master's degree has required us to make a personal effort, but it has been really worth it. I am grateful that we have been allowed to combine our research work at IKERLAN with the development of the master's degree final project".

Goiuria Sagardui, coordinator of Continuous Training at Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, values very positively the joint line of work that they set up with IKERLAN a few years ago and ensures that the MasterTECHs are one of the most significant results of the collaboration. Sagardui assures that the topics addressed by the MasterTECHs launched together with IKERLAN represent the strategic areas of innovation of Basque companies. "From one year to the next, there are many technological advances, and professionals who have been in the job market for some time now have to relearn new things. IKERLAN is adapting very well to these needs, the MasterTECHs are giving excellent results".

Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa and KERLAN technology centre have been working closely together for more than 45 years. Several years ago, the two entities set up a tractor team to tackle the most important challenges facing the technology sector, and this master's degree represents an important pillar in this collaboration.

Technology and Innovation for the improvement of the competitiveness of the Services Sector