Agents of the British distribution chain John Lewis visits MONDRAGON

A first level delegation from the British distribution chain John Lewis visited EROSKI and MONDRAGON Corporation last week.
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May 09, 2016

Some members from John Lewis managment team led by Andy Street, the business director, visited on Thursday the Eroski facilities, located in Garbera (San Sebastián), and MONDRAGON corporation. John Lewis is an important distribution chain in the UK and they decided to visit Eroski because the management was interested in having some information of Eroski and the Corporation model.

From the organizational and the institutional point of view, the British organization has nothing to do with Eroski or any MONDRAGON cooperative, but the British brand workers
are also partners in their own business and the purpose of the visit was to learn first hand the cooperative model and Eroski.

Positive Valuation

The John Lewis agents were pleasantly surprised by the MONDRAGON model, “for its organizational conviction and strength”. Besides, they stand out the responsability and the
bet in quality food products and in healthy food of Eroski, “as much in the outlet as in the product selection”.

MONDRAGON Corporation.

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