The UK Ambassador visits MONDRAGON

A work meeting was held at the corporate centre to discuss business opportunities in the United Kingdom.
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The photo shows the UK delegation arriving at MONDRAGON accompanied by Iñigo Ucin and Oskar Goitia
Mar 09, 2017

The 8th of march we received a visit from Simon Manley, the UK Ambassador to Spain. The encounter was hosted by the Chairman of the General Council, Iñigo Ucín, and the Chairman of MONDRAGON International, Oskar Goitia. Members of the UK delegation also attending were Derek Doyle, the British Consul and UK commercial attaché in Bilbao, Maria Fitzpatrick, UK commercial attaché in Bilbao, and Simon Muter, Director of Northern Powerhouse Advanced Manufacturing. 

UK Ambassador en MONDRAGON

The UK delegation, accompanied by representatives from MU, the cooperative group’s Innovation Department, Batz and the Mayor’s Office of Arrasate.

The visit began at 9 a.m. with the projection of a corporate video on MONDRAGON, which was followed by a work meeting to discuss various issues (the Brexit, business opportunities in the UK, etc.), also attended by Managers from several group cooperatives. This meeting also included a presentation of the Northern Powerhouse project, a government initiative to boost economic growth in the north of England.

The UK delegation also visited Mondragon University and later held a meeting with Maria Ubarretxena, the Mayoress of Arrasate.