The Korean Happy Bridge cooperative visits MONDRAGON

During their stay, the 12 people’s group had the opportunity to receive training on the cooperative model and they also visited different cooperatives.
Feb 11, 2015

The course, in which the responsible poeple from Happy Bridge participated, had a practical approach and has convined the training sessions with the technical visits to cooperatives and organizations.

The training has been focused on different fields related to: the organizaional structure of the cooperative, the operation of the organs and common entities of the cooperative, the mechanism that enables the practice of cooperative democracy, the educational processes in terms of cooperative revitalization, the financing of the cooperatives, the leadership attitude, etc.

Among the visits, the group had the chance to get to know in situ: Mondragon Unibertsitatea, MONDRAGON Corporation, the ULMA group, Mondragon Health, Eroski, Lagun Aro, Saiolan, Ikertlan, Ategi, etc

Happy Bridge

Happy Bridge is a cooperative company located in Seoul, South Korea, which owns around 400 restaurants. Two years ago it changed their company’s model from a capitalist model to the current cooperative one.

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