The Chinese National Components Association visits Orkli Kunshan

Orkli Kunshan has been invited by the president of the Chinese National Components Association to become part of the cluster that meets annually with a select group of Chinese manufacturers and government official members.
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Jun 18, 2015

The meeting was held on 26 May in Xintao. In this working meeting the Chinese government made proposals to the manufacturers for the strategies to be followed with regard to the guidelines on quality, efficiency and professionalism in the industry. For their part, the component manufacturers, in the framework of this reforming approach, discussed the situation within the industry, presenting their uncertainties or suggestions to the Association in order to facilitate the implementation of these guidelines.

The next morning, a representation from this Association was fascinated when they visited the facilities of Orkli Kunshan, where Orkli was able to show the level of technology applied to its production processes and thus demonstrate that it is well ahead of the highest standards proposed by the Association.

In the image, the three people at the centre are, from left to right, Mr. Tang, the owner and Managing Director of the Huachuang company, a manufacturer of gas cookers; next is Mr. Liu, President of the Association and government official; and the tallest in the picture is Igor Eceiza, Managing Director of Orkli Kunshan, who hosted the visit.

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