Research and transfer model

Research and transfer model

Mondragon Unibertsitatea
The focus of the research activities of MU-EPS as an engineering faculty is clearly oriented towards the business world, adding value to the industrial fabric in the medium term.
Oct 30, 2020

This is clearly reflected in the name of the activity itself: Research and Transfer. Thus, U-Multirank qualified us as the 7th European university and 1st Spanish university in transfer of knowledge, with excellent marks in parameters such as: co-authorships with industrial partners, research income from private sources, and external funding for research.

The key is the success of MU-EPS researchers in aligning their technological capabilities with the needs of the company. More than half of our research consists of private research contracts that are mostly linked to the existence of a long-term collaborative research programme. 

The projects undertaken within the framework of these collaborative research and transfer programmes range from oriented basic research to industrial research and experimental development projects, which eventually lead to innovative products, processes, and services.

Proceso Investigación y Transferencia

Our research and collaborative transfer model foster the alignment of the three key agents of the knowledge triangle (universities, technology centres, and companies) from basic research to innovation. Alignment that favours the creation of a critical research mass, necessary for the development of excellent research, as well as a university-business approach, which are key to an innovative and training dynamic and for the capacity-building of future researchers for companies and technology centres.

Under these conditions, a long-term relationship allows us to align our most basic research with the company’s strategy, as well as training the talent they need. All this provides us with a proven model of efficiency when it comes to offering a comprehensive and multidisciplinary response to business needs through effective coordination between the generation of knowledge and its transfer.  

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