MONDRAGON celebrates The World Health Day

MONDRAGON Corporation is organizing a conference focused on reinventing the food system and its production, distribution and service for a healthier humanity and planet in the 21st century.
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Apr 06, 2016

MONDRAGON Corporation, through MONDRAGON Health, joins the celebration of The World Health Day by organizing a conference aimed at facing the challenges of "Reinventing the food systems, its production, distribution and service for a healthier humanity and planet in the 21st century". Over 24 hours, 36 opinion leaders from several areas such as education, public administration, business and the community, will contribute their skills, diversity, experience and leadership and collaborate to create desirable, feasible and viable project that will be led by them within their organizations.

The process will be guided by Dr. Alex Jadad, an international leader in generating innovative solutions for the humanity in order to achieve maximum levels of health and wellbeing as a part of a sustainable planet.

The opening ceremony will be held today in the Basque Culinary Center, a perfect place to stimulate new and strong relationships and enter into a new frame of mind to change the world. The journey will continue tomorrow, April 7, in Orona Ideo, where they will work in groups and start to turn ideas into realities thtough collaboration. The second day of the event stimulates the groups to commemorate The World Health Day by being proactive and taking on international health challenges and finding innovative solutions to them while generating new businesses and employment within MONDRAGON.


The experience will be co-created by the participating leaders, working as a team and reflecting on the commitment that MONDRAGON Corporation has to the health and welfare of humanity and of the planet. They will create new projects based on the values ​​of cooperation, participation, social responsibility and innovation.

With the use of top methodologies, led by Alex Jadad, the leaders will reach optimum levels of cooperation and build new relationships. They will use this collaboration to identify and use available and abundant resources to reinvent the food system and its production, distribution and service system in the 21st century.

These leaders will share a delicious experience to co-create the future by generating new projects that are desirable, feasible and viable.



Alejandro (Alex) Jadad is a Colombian Canadian physician whose mission is to enable people - as either individuals or groups - to live healthy and happy lives, full of love, and with no regrets, until the last breath.  Jadad's research and innovation work seeks to identify and connect people, knowledge and tools across traditional boundaries to create a pandemic of health, while eliminating unnecessary suffering, and to improve the capacity of humans to imagine, create and promote new and better approaches to living, healing, working and learning as part of a sustainable planet. His projects follow a radical 'glocal' innovation approach designed to deal with distress fueled by high levels of uncertainty, especially in the presence of life-threatening conditions, and to enable people and organizations to achieve maximum levels of health, happiness and tranquility through the judicious use of state-of-the-art approaches to scenario planning, design thinking and crisis management. Jadad is the Founder of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation at the University of Toronto where he is also a physician, Professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, and Director of the Institute for Global Health Equity and Innovation.