Humanity at Music, cooperative symphony

The cooperative experience as seen through music, dance and literary creativity. Humanity at Music represents a new way of telling the story, the past, present and future of MONDRAGON. It is an inter-cooperative, artistic, creative project based on the cooperative experience. The cooperative story has never before been told or sung in the way the Humanity at Music will. It will be different from everything that has come before it, including the way it is organized for participation. It is designed to spur the contributions of the entire MONDRAGON community and all of its cooperatives. The stage is the same, but the actors change.
Feb 06, 2019

An open project

Humanity at Music brings together artists of all stripes: narrators, singers, illustrators, bertsolaris (Basque musical poets), actors and dancers, in a moving performance. The project is open to all of the MONDRAGON cooperatives and to all their members and workers. The community is invited to participate in the realization of this multidisciplinary work. At the same time, it will serve to strengthen the bonds between present and past cooperative workers, their families, the towns they live in, and government institutions.

There will be two major milestones during the development of this initiative: the presentation of the book at the famous Durangoko Azoka book fair, and the grand musical and visual performance which will take place in Buesa Arena in Vitoria-Gasteiz on 14 September, 2019.

Take part in the project

Humanity at Music is an open, collective effort, and above all wants all interested people to participate in it and enjoy it.

Anyone interested in participating in this project can email stating their full name, the cooperative they are associated with or the town they live in, and the artistic discipline (choral, dance, theatre) they could participate in, plus a few brief lines about their experience in that area.

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