Future trends, according to Alfons Cornella

The president and founder of Infonomia and Co-Society, Alfons Cornella, presented the third edition of "Radical is Normal" at the Garaia innovation centre.
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Jul 27, 2016

This "in company" conference, which took place at the end of last May, was organized for MONDRAGON at the invitation of Fagor Ederlan, partner of Co-Society since its inception. The event was attended by the Fagor Ederlan Governing Council and Management and around 50 managers from various cooperatives.

Cornella tendencias

For two hours Alfons Cornella, a European pacesetter in the field of innovation, covered ten highly topical trends that are affecting work, the economy, business and the company within the world. Discussing issues such as the abundance of resources that are expected from increased productivity due to more creative and resourceful management, 'holacracy' as a form of open and agile organization; the beauty of irreducible limitations as a source of differentiation; the brain as a communication interface with machines; 3D business beyond 3D manufacturing; emerging technologies; the triumph of the city as a centre of economic and social dynamism; the profound transformation of retail in search of reinvention that will differentiate it; our own role within the changes of a collaborative world where the focus is on doing; as well as the revolution that hides behind the "blockchain".

The conference concluded with a space for open debate regarding the challenges that these changes are going to represent for our concept of work or for the purpose of the companies themselves. This dynamic, participatory debate also focused on the convergence of smart products connected with artificial intelligence as a transformation factor for work and the urgent need for companies to combine business exploration and operation effectively.