Teleworking is here to stay

Teleworking is here to stay

ENEA Design
Good furniture makes the space at home as functional as the office. With the spread of the Covid 19 virus, we have been forced to improvise a work area in our home. However, because of this situation, teleworking is here to stay. But are our homes ready to telework?
Nov 03, 2020

In most cases, the furniture we have at home is not suitable for long working hours, so it is highly recommended to tailor a work area so it is as functional as an office.

First of all, it is essential to choose the right place to work efficiently. The ideal is to allocate one of the rooms for that purpose. In this case, at Enea, we recommend equipping it with our LTS System table and an office chair. However, we cannot forget that it is our home, so we need a chair that provides great comfort and that is elegant in design at the same time, like our Lottus Conference.

If we don’t have any spare room to telework, we will have to use other areas of the house for that purpose, such as the kitchen, the dining room or the living room. In these cases, it is also very important that we choose a comfortable seat like our Lottus High office chair or the Lottus High confident one, which has a four-spoke structure, since the high backrest of this collection prevents back strain. Besides, this model has a wide range of arms available, as well as a triple foam option, that makes it cozier and more comfortable.


Another collection that, due to its design, is ideal for both home and professional environments, is Kaiak. The combination of slightly curved oak with a high-quality upholstery creates very sophisticated seats with a very attractive aesthetic. Furthermore, if we choose a spin, confident or office structure for them, they are also very suitable for working at home.

If we pay attention to these tips, the productivity and efficiency of teleworking will be equal to that of our office.