Mondragon Assembly installs a 100 MW front line for Teriak Industrial Group in Egypt

Mondragon Assembly installs a 100 MW front line for Teriak Industrial Group in Egypt

The Basque cooperative, a specialist in manufacturing PV modules assembly lines, adds a new project in North Africa.
Jul 22, 2020

Mondragon Assembly, with its extensive experience in manufacturing and automation of assembly lines for the solar energy sector, has supplied and commissioned a 100 MW photovoltaic module production front line in Cairo, Egypt. The project was launched in the last quarter of 2019.

This turnkey project will provide the company with a large production capacity for various solar modules, from bifacial half-cut glass-glass modules to standard high efficiency Mono PERC panels. Teriak Industrial Group aims to play a key role in Africa in the production of clean energy, with a power capacity of 100 MW per year. 

Mondragon Assembly and its presence in MENA

Mondragon Assembly has become a reference company in the solar sector, supplying turnkey production lines for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules all over the world.

Haythem Zhioua, International Sales Manager for the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) has stated that “this is not our first project in Egypt, as we previously carried out the development of an assembly line for 50 MW for photovoltaic modules Arab International Optronics.”

Similarly, Zhioua noted that “one of our main objectives at Mondragon Assembly is to stay alongside our clients and partners, offering them direct support when they need it most. For this reason, we have a local technical team composed of highly trained project managers and technicians who provide support across the MENA region.”

Thanks to its 40 years in business, Mondragon Assembly has become a leading company in the solar energy sector, supplying turnkey production lines for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules worldwide.

Igor Herrarte, International Sales Manager for the EMEA region, notes that “Mondragon Assembly has been supplying innovative solutions to the solar sector with high technological content for more than 20 years, and it should continue in this line for decades to come. We are a long-term-oriented company, and our goal is not limited to selling equipment and lines, but rather to collaborate with our clients in ensuring the serial manufacture of PV solar modules with the highest possible quality. We believe that service is our greatest added value. This line for Teriak Industrial Group is the eighth line that we installed in the MENA region.”

Herrarte also stressed that “we also have a complete knowledge transfer programme that is adaptable to the needs of our clients, including the design and certification of modules, raw materials, training, and maintenance programmes, among others.”

About the MONDRAGON Assembly Group

Mondragon Assembly is an international group specialising in the development of automation and assembly solutions. It currently has six production plants:

Its head office in Aretxabaleta (Gipuzkoa, Spain), Mexico, France, Germany, China, and Brazil, as well as a subsidiary in India. It operates in sectors such as solar power, the automotive industry, appliance components, cosmetics, medical devices, and electronics.

About Teriak Group

Teriak Group is a private Egyptian company specialising in the manufacture of parts for the automotive sector for Egypt and the Middle East.

The group was founded in 1975 and has carried out the expansion of its operations over the last four decades, with six plants located in Cairo, Egypt and nearly 700 employees.